A great place to work – beyond wage and benefits

By Nuri Cobos

The COVID-19 pandemic has left more than 1.2 million people without formal employment in Mexico, according to data reported by the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS). Many families are now facing not only a latent risk for contagion, but also the loss of income and vital benefits, including health services.

And, if we are talking about quality jobs, workers in Mexico do not have the best outlook. More than 50% of the economically active population has informal jobs, i.e., without legal benefits.

Under these circumstances, Iberdrola México has set its employees’ welfare as top priority. We are clear that our team is critical to achieving the business’ goals, thus the company provides decent and secure work, besides a very human culture that believes every person is part of a big family.

Three key factors enable a healthy and productive relationship between an organization and its people. The first one is undoubtedly a competitive compensation.

While other companies earmark important benefits – such as a major medical insurance plan or extra vacation days – for high-ranking executives, Iberdrola México provides the same benefits to all employees. Occupational welfare must be fair.

Growth and development opportunities come second. It means not only to climb positions but also to have constant challenges and access to new learning and experiences.

Iberdrola México has the vision of educating leaders in the sector. In only five years, the company has doubled its personnel and trained young talents who currently have a great knowledge about the Mexican electrical market, innovation in renewable energies, and energy efficiency.

Finally, you have to fall in love. You must believe in your company. This is achieved when you become aware that your company works with ethics, favors equity, assumes true social responsibility with the communities where it operates, and contributes to your country’s development also.

People look for wellbeing while companies look for commitment, and if these three conditions are met: fair compensation, development opportunities and a positive organizational culture, both parties get what they need.

There will be moments in your working life when you simply sign a contract and lease your talent to achieve certain goals – this is a conventional working relationship. My personal experience at Iberdrola México has gone even further until daily work became true commitment to my company. I felt part of something bigger, whose purpose impacts both the society and my country.

It seems that I am not the only one. According to our last work environment survey this year, 90% of the staff says that the company’s communication is open and transparent, 95% believes that it has shown concern for and commitment to employees, and 96% expressed their pride of belonging.

More than ever, our country needs companies committed to quality employment, economic development, and social contribution. Companies you can fall in love with, companies like Iberdrola México.

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